The finest ring of 12 in the Diocese!


Ringing Times

Like most towers with an active band, we aim to practise on one evening each week and ring for Sunday Service. Ringing is organised by the Tower Captain.

The following list details our regular weekly ringing times. However, please see the News page for details of any changes. In particular, the Practice Night might be affected by other activities or Services in the Cathedral.

Practice Night:
Tuesday evening from 7:15 to 9:00pm.

We try to make everyone welcome at our practices - please do not hesitate to join us when you are able.

Enter via the West door, turn right and climb the stairs adjacent to the Cathedral shop. The balcony leads across the West frontage to Jasper tower. If the West door is locked, please ring the bell on the right-hand-side of the door and wait to be let in.

Practice Night Methods of the Month:
April: Kennighall S Major
May: Turramurra S Major
  • Obviously, with 12 bells at our disposal, we might not ring them at well-attended practices!

Please allow time to join us in The Black Lion for a post-practice pint.

Sunday Service Ringing:
10:10 to 10:55am (starting immediately after the 9:00am Service ends)

In addition, the Dean and Chapter are pleased to hear the bells rung from 2:15 to 3:25pm for the 3:30pm Service on Sundays. This ringing is by prior arrangement only and, generally, the 2nd Sunday of the month is spoken for. Bands wishing to ring for this Service should, in the first instance, contact the Guild Secretary.

Association 12-Bell Practices
The Association's monthly 12-Bell Practices take place on the 1st Friday of the Month from 7:15pm. The majority (but not all!) of these take place at Llandaff. Please check the Llandaff & Monmouth DABCR Calendar before attending to check arrangements.